OYP » Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka (2010)

Oconee Civic Center

Directed by Terra and Shane Hannon & Amy Coenen

Choreography by Terra Hannon & Amy Coenen

Music Direction by Rachel Townes

  • Augustus sings

    Augustus sings

  • World of Imagination

    World of Imagination

  • Opening Number

    Opening Number

  • Mike Teavee song

    Mike Teavee song

  • I Love Food

    I Love Food

  • Violet takes the mic

    Violet takes the mic

  • The Bucket Family

    The Bucket Family

  • Taking the Tour

    Taking the Tour

  • Mike Teavee about to be shrunk

    Mike Teavee about to be shrunk

  • Flying


  • In the Great Elevator

    In the Great Elevator